iJACKTV is a Community Empowerment Channel that provides information on Education, Health, Entertainment, Fashion, Politic, and News from the Caribbean. iJACKTV will focus on displaying the beauty and culture of the Caribbean and showcase the Caribbean Culture throughout the Region from South East, North American mainland, East of Central America, and North of South America. iJACKTV will promote tourism, encourage the Caribbean native to invest in natural energy, create some important television programming that will embrace the Caribbean culture and lifestyle. As a result, iJACKTV will unify and be the home for the Asians, Amerindians, Africans, and Europeans. iJACKTV will be the home that will display the Multicultural heritage that exists in the Region. OWNERS AND CREDENTIALS iJACKTV is a Subdivision of Yakimobell which is a Limited Liability Company (LLC), Founded by Carine Deshommes, with more than 20 years of Television Programming in New York, the Caribbean and Florida. OBJECTIVE This is a Television Station that will Promote the Caribbean Culture. PURPOSE OR MISSION iJACKTV exist to provide an excellent variety Television programs and be available for all events and news in the Caribbean. In addition, The station exists to maintain a long-term relationship with our clients, subscribers, and vendors. iJACKTV is dedicated to build a customer-service oriented of the Caribbean Culture that will showcase the authenticity and the unique identity of the People in the Region. LOCATION The Yakimobell Company located in Lake Placid, Florida. PRODUCTS AND SERVICES • Caribbean movies • Subscription • Children programming • Accessories • Time slot available to our clients • Adds and Video Productions BUSINESS ADVISORS AND SUPPORT NETWORK CARINE DESHOMMES HOST OF SERIOUS TALK TV SHOW P.O.BOX 936231 MARGATE, FL 33093 (305) 345-9340 carinedeshommes@comcast.net